Saeed Baeshen

My beginning with Filmmaking started since Childhood, by watching American and Indian films, Since then, My passion for Art and Cinema has grown bigger with time, Especially Acting, So I participated in several plays in the neighborhood and School and then with time and through my work as an actor I observed directors and cinematographers work and Cinematography got my attention the most, So I started looking for Filmmaking Schools till I found one in India and since then my story with my passion for filmmaking started.

In 2013, I have graduated with Diploma in Filmmaking as a Cinematographer. Beside being a Cinematographer I started working as a colorist.

My work consist of translating the director’s vision into actual frames, and what I love the most about my work is that every project I take is a challenge to me.

My ambition is to be global and to be one of the best cinematographers in the world. and for my work to be well known internationally, I personally believe that a successful cinematographer with one good frame, can translate certain meanings without any explanations!